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CIA&D Becomes a Better Buildings, Better Plants Program Partner
CIA&D Better Plants ProgramJanuary 2016 - Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense has joined The Better Buildings, Better Plants Program (Better Plants Program). As a participant, CIA&D will be taking part in an initiative in which the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) works with industry partners in the pursuit of a common goal—to promote greater energy efficiency. By partnering with DOE and Lockheed Martin’s supply chain initiative, CIA&D hopes to work together to advance energy savings throughout manufacturing supply chains.
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Lockheed Martin Fast Track Ethics Supplier Program
November 18, 2015 - CIA&D has completed participation in the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Control FAST TRACK Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program.







MRO Yearbook: Wired for Safety
As published in the MRO Yearbook 2015 issue, MRO Network’s annual publication for the MRO professional. CIA&D’s CEO Sam Symonds discusses wiring harness safety with Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance's Nick Rice.
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WSACC Recognizes CIA&D with Business of the Year Award
The White Settlement Area Chamber of Commerce held their 2015 Annual Banquet Saturday February 21 at Hawaiian Falls Aloha Event Center, 8905 Clifford Street. 2015 saw the introduction of a new tiered Business Member of the Year Awards with a Large, Medium and Small Business awards. The category distinctions were based on the number of employees with large businesses employing 50 or more, medium businesses employing 11 to 49 employees and small businesses employing up to 10 employees. Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense was awarded the 2014 Large Business Member of the Year. CIA&D appreciates the Chamber's support and makes every effort to be an active member within the community.

Helping Homeless Vets
Melissa Harding and Claire Kern (Configuration Management at CIA&D) are doing their part to support homeless veterans in our area. They are leading a program called the Clean Start Initiative (CSI), which collects unused toiletries for donation to Patriot House, a local transitional housing program for veterans. [ Read More ]

Balancing Cost and Customer Service
October 2014 - As published on AIA SmartBlog on Leadership, Sam Symonds talks about the challenges facing CIA&D and how he plans to manage them. Sam is president & CEO of Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D), a role he’s held for the past 15 years. Sam began his career in aerospace 35 years ago and has worked for companies such as Simmonds Precision, Hercules Inc., BFGoodrich Aerospace, and Amphenol Aerospace.
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CIA&D recognized for their participation and accomplishments in Lockheed Martin’s Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program
November 2013 - CIA&D was recognized by Lockheed Martin for their participation in the Ethics Mentoring program. CIA&D, one of seven suppliers from across the country, took part in an ethics exchange program with the Lockheed Martin Ethics & Sustainability group. Working in partnership with the Aeronautics division, CIA&D established a more robust ethics policy consisting of procedures, communications, and training.
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Wired for Safety: excerpt from Aircraft Technology
Engineering & Maintenance

August-September 2013 issue - The commercial aviation industry is constantly striving to evolve new methods, improve materials and work collectively towards the core priority of flight safety. An average passenger may think of the inherent dangers of flying as being connected to the failure of the substantial elements of an aircraft — the engines, the avionics, the airframe structure itself. It is natural to overlook the less obvious, and largely invisible elements, such as all the wiring that is used in commercial aircraft.
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The Life and Death Significance of Wiring Maintenance:
reprinted from Aviation Maintenance magazine

Aircraft wiring is just as important as airframes, engines, and avionics. The consequence of aircraft wiring failure can literally be the death of all onboard.
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Conquering Complexity: reprinted from Assembly magazine
Designing, assembling and testing aerospace wire harnesses present unique challenges to harness manufacturers. Successful harness manufacturers thrive on meeting these challenges, but doing so requires a qualified and dedicated workforce equipped with the proper tools and latest technologies.
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CIA&D Helps Sponsor Fort Worth Relay for Life
CIA&D participated in this year's American Cancer Society's relay for Life. Aside from becoming a sponsor for the event, CIA&D employees volunteered and participated in the 12 noon to 12 midnight activities to raise funds for this worthy cause.
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CIA&D's F-35 Manufacturing Team Goes Digital
Our F-35 Production group has recently started using tablet-style computers that contain all the process-related information that an operator needs to build an F-35 harness.
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CIA&D and the White Settlement ISD Education Foundation Board Join Forces to Support Afghan Troops
Working together, the White Settlement ISD, Education Foundation Board, and CIA&D amassed over 1,374 pounds of personal items for our troops in Afghanistan. These were gathered with the intention of showing support and appreciation for those service men and women serving our country.
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Lockheed Martin Recognizes Co-Operative Industries Defense as Small Business Supplier of the Year
In recognition of exemplary dedication and outstanding contributions, Co-Operative Industries Defense received Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ Small Business Supplier of the Year Award.  This award was given in acknowledgment of Co-Operative Industries’ commitment and dedication to supporting the F-16 and F-35 aircraft development and production.
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Notice to Customers: CIA&D Changes to a 9/80 Work Schedule
Co-Operative Industries Aerospace and Defense will be moving from a traditional work week to what is commonly referred to as a "9/80" schedule. What this means is that Co-Operative Industries employees will work 80 hours in 9 days, resulting in the facility not being in operation on alternating Fridays.
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Lockheed Martin Recognizes Co-Operative Industries Defense as First SDVOSB to Supply F-35 Production Harnesses
Lockheed Martin has accepted first article inspection of the first F-35 production harnesses to be supplied by Co-Operative Industries Defense, LLC.  Co-Operative Industries was selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Fokker to be the first, and only, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business supplier to manufacture select electrical wiring harnesses for all F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) derivative aircraft. [ Read the Press Release ]

White Settlement Area Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Co-Operative Industries as 2011 Chamber Business of the Year
Fort Worth, TX – February 2012 – Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) has been recognized as the White Settlement Area’s Chamber Business of the Year. Sam Symonds, President & CEO, and Jim Green, Chairman, were presented with an award plaque commemorating the achievement. The selection of a Chamber Business Member of the Year is based on a business member’s involvement in our chamber and community. [ Read the Press Release ]

F-16 and Proven Aircraft TCG Worldwide Review
September 11-14, 2017
at the
ECCLES Conference Center,
Ogden, UT.
Booth No. 52


MRO Americas

MRO Americas 2018
April 10th-12th
at the
Orange County Convention Center,
Orlando, Florida
No. 1971