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Fluid Transfer Products
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Fluid Transfer Products for Aircraft and Ground Support Applications

Our product development in the area of fluid transfer has been in conjunction with the commercial operators. This has resulted in potable water hose and Lavatory fill lines utilized in today's commercial aircraft operation and ground support.


High Purity Water Hose:
CIA&D offers an exceptional sanitary hose product for use in dispensing, circulating, and transferring potable water for commercial aircraft. This specially constructed, FDA approved hose is an ideal product for use with flight line potable water stations and trucks.

This CIA&D water hose is specifically developed to combat the microbial growth that can occur in standard vinyl and rubber hose products. All vinyl (PVC) and rubber hoses utilize epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) as a stabilizer. These ESOs are a favorite food for microbes and promote bacterial growth. Even water that has been purified to 99.9% will eventually allow growth in these types of hose.

As a solution to this problem, we have developed a water hose product that does not contribute to microbial or bacterial growth. Our hose is lined with Hytrel®, a product that does not contain anything that supports microbe growth. This results in a water hose that maintains the purest transfer of potable water.

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Potable Water Hose
B757 Lavatory Hose (FAA PMA Approved):
This upgraded FAA PMA approved lav hose design is in response to the original OEM design's field failures. Co-Op's improved hose assembly features an elbow with a wall thickness that is double that of the original design. This stainless steel elbow guards against the sharp tools used to dislodge ice buildup. The silicone hose material provides better insulation and flexibility, while offering the added strength and durability of Kevlar®, Stainless Steel, and Nomex® overbraids. This combination of materials and fittings assures a burst pressure rating of 250 psi.

This design is considered form, fit and functionally interchangeable with its predecessor. In comparison of price, you will find our design offers a significant cost savings. Our kick-off operator has had the upgraded service hose in service for a number of years with no failures and excellent operational results.
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Lavatory Hose