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Reduced Man-hour Cost and Assure Harness Integrity
with Electrical Wiring Harness Automated Test Equipment

Reduce downtime and increase shop efficiencies with Co-Operative Industries’ Wiring Harness Testing Systems. Our Automated Harness Tester offers accurate and reliable continuity, high voltage insulation resistance, high potential, capacitance, and passive component testing in one flexible package.

Each unit can be customized based upon tester configuration and software requirements. For effective testing, we supply test harnesses that are designed to match your specific applications. In addition to high quality equipment, you can count on the added value of reliable program and interface support.

Automated Test Equipment Features:

  • Custom system configurations
  • Custom test harnesses and interfaces
  • Software programmed for your specific aircraft engine application
  • Windows based operating system and user interface
  • Insulation resistance testing capabilities of up to 1500 volts DC, range 5 to 1000 ohms
  • Kelvin (four-wire) resistance measurements down to 0.0001 ohm
  • SPC data collection / custom reporting
  • Date, time and user ID stamping
  • 1000 volt AC HiPot capability
  • Optional multi-station feature allows multiple test stations running separate test programs to share a single controller
  • Network able
  • Features may vary, depending upon the test system configuration


Customized Test Harnesses


Fewer Man-Hours Required

Assured Wiring Harness Integrity

More Accurate than Manual Harness Testing

Guaranteed, Repeatable Results

Proven Aerospace Technology

Customized Software and Test Harness Configurations