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Value Added Support Services: Laser Wire Marking

As a cost effective solution, Co-Operative Industries provides marking services for customer supplied materials. With state-of-the-art laser identification technology, Co-Operative Industries can permanently mark a broad range of wire and cable jacket types and constructions to meet customer specific requirements. This is a high quality, durable identification method for use with high performance fluoropolymer finished electrical wires and fiber optics used by the aerospace industry. Our system will effectively mark on PTFE (Teflon®), FEP, ETFE or similar jackets. These fluoropolymer materials can generally be marked in all forms including extruded polymers, thin tapes, or dispersion topcoats.

For a high quality finished product, count on the added value of Co-Operative Industries’ Support Services.


  • State of the Art Ultraviolet Laser Marking Technology
  • High Quality, Truly Permanent Marking
  • Marks a Variety of Fluoropolymer Finished Wires and Cables (Single, Twisted Pair and Triplets)
  • Excellent Contrast and Visibility
  • Maintains Insulation Integrity
  • Variable Font Sizes and Placement
  • Laser Wire Stripping is Also Available

Laser marking

High Quality, Permanent Laser Identification for a Variety of Wire Finishes