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Marine Wire harnesses


marine wire harnesses

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Electrical Wiring Harness, Ignition Lead, Hose, and Conduit Solutions
for Marine Applications

Co-Operative Industries Marine group's capability includes both commercial and recreational marine markets. Our ability to interlink on-board vessel sub-systems in the same fashion utilized in our aerospace applications allow the user to take advantage of superior quality and manufacturing standards. Our AS9100 qualifications control the highest product outlay. Both braided and flexible conduit capability can support finer tuned GPS, Autopilot, Navigation and Communications interconnect as well as main and auxiliary propulsion control.

Open bundle harness options are offered as well, adding a highly repairable design. We welcome "build-to-print" opportunities as well as new concept designs requiring our engineering assistance. The severe ocean environment requires specific knowledge previously acquired from our initial space, industrial and flight sectors.

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military and commercial marine harnesses

Providing electrical wiring harness, ignition lead, hose, and conduit solutions for yacht, boat and gas turbine power plant marine applications.