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laser wire marking

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Harness Test Equipment, Laser Wire Marking,
and Ground Support Equipment

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace teams with and supports fellow OEMs and manufacturing groups in their production efforts. Through partnering and building business-to-business relationships we can offer value-added, specialized services that can aid organizations by reducing manufacturing cost and improving throughput.

Specialized capabilities include supplying automated harness test equipment and test harnesses; laser wire marking; and various ground support equipment interconnect solutions. Learn more about our:

> Harness Test Equipment and Interfaces

> Laser Wire Marking

> Ground Support Equipment


Wiring Harness Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

One of Co-Operative Industries' primary Support Services includes Automated Harness Testing Equipment and the supporting interface harnesses. These harness testing systems offer accurate and reliable continuity, high voltage insulation resistance, high potential capacitance, and passive component testing in one flexible package. Each wiring harness tester can be customized based upon tester configuration and software requirements.

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Automated Harness Testers

Laser Operations Cell: Laser Wire Marking

Co-Operative Industries provides marking services for customer supplied materials. With state-of-the-art laser identification technology, we offer the capability of permanently marking a broad range of wire and cable jacket types and constructions to meet customer specific requirements. This is a high quality, durable identification method for use with high performance fluoropolymer finished electrical wires and fiber optics used by the aerospace industry.

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  Laser wire marking

Ground Support Equipment

We have supported a number of prime OEMs in their design and manufacturing of Automated test Equipment (ATE). Our engineering and manufacturing group works closely with the customer to emulate their specific product lines in the field, resulting in a seamless end product to the end user. These test panel applications include flight simulator support for a variety of airborne applications in both the military and commercial sectors.

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