In a move to improve efficiencies on the harness manufacturing floor, CIA&D has recently started using tablets in place of paper documents. Following training, each member of our production team is assigned a Microsoft Surface tablet that they will use in the manufacturing process.

Via the tablets, employees will have personalized access to the PLEX (MRP) system, Manufacturing Process Sheets, MSDS, internal email, and other instructive materials needed for the completion of harness and interconnect production.

While performing a particular procedure, operators are able to access all the necessary information needed right where they are working. These new tablets also adhere to the new aerospace NIST security requirements. With the implementation of these new tools:

  • Operators will be able to shave time off their builds since they have all information at their fingertips.
  • Copy and print costs are greatly reduced.
  • Only the most current version of each document is accessible, as the files are stored on the main server.