What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Wiring Harness Repairs?

Many of today’s airlines and MROs are very capable and have the necessary skills to manage their electrical wire harness repairs in house. So why should an organization consider outsourcing?

Simply put, partnering with a reliable repair center can offer big advantages.  Finding the right ally can result in saving an organization both time and money in the long run.

So, what should you look for in a repair center?

1 – Dependability

  • Look for experts in the field. Seek out experienced technicians with a history of on-time deliveries and who maintain high quality ratings
  • Proper certifications are also important. Seek out an organization that meets FAA, EASA, and CAAC requirements
  • Next, look for a range of services, such as OEM repairs, check & test, and S/B incorporation

2 – Value

  • You want a quick turn time combined with quality work – this equates to cost-effective service
  • Note that outsourcing can improved the thru-put for your own shop by off-loading harnesses to the experts, and thereby allowing your technicians to focus on what they do best
  • Overhaul services can extend a harnesses life, giving extra value. Make sure all returns are warranted

3 – Customer focus

  • Find a repair station that has a willingness to team with the customer – Meeting the customer’s needs should be the number 1 priority
  • You want an organization with an extensive part number list, with new P/Ns added as needed
  • In addition to OEM approved repairs, the ability to offer DER services is a real plus

Dependability, Value, and customer service. At CIA&D, we focus on all of these and more.

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