DER Procedure for ERJ 140/145 Nose Landing Gear Wiring Harness Conduit Assemblies

P/N 254861-XXX

CIA&D Repair Procedure: CI-774-051


CIA&D has received FAA approval for the repair of the Goodrich Nose Landing Gear Wiring Harness Conduit Assemblies. This offering gives carriers and MROs an alternative to having to buy new replacement units. The completion of this repair specification returns the conduit assembly to a fully serviceable condition.

Co-Operative Industries Repair No. CI-774-051 contains instructions for replacement of convoluted tubing, outer braid and ferrules of Conduit Assembly P/N’s 254861-0041, -0050, and -0054, a subassembly of Wheel Well Right Harness Assemblies, P/N 52514-1, -3 and -5 respectively, and Conduit Assembly P/N’s 254861-0038, -0048, -0052, a sub-assembly of Wheel Well Left Harness Assemblies P/N 52513-1, -3 and -5 respectively for the Embraer aircraft models ERJ 140/145.

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