A sampling of aerospace and defense programs supported by CIA&D

CIA&D Programs

It’s about customer relationships. Co-Operative Industries believes in developing solid customer relationships in an effort to satisfy our company’s goal of meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Below is a sampling of some of the programs that we support with our electrical wiring harness and interconnect products and services.

Defense Programs


You know our customers. Co-Operative Industries Defense is a key supplier to OEMs and manufacturers in the military arena. We proudly support the efforts of the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other prime contractors.

  • F-35 Fuselage and Wing Wiring Harnesses, Harness Modifications
  • F-22 Airframe Harnesses
  • F-16 Communication Harnesses, Harness Assemblies, Test Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and Kits
  • UAV Wing and Avionic Harnesses
  • Surface-to-Air Defense Harnesses
  • P-3 and P-8 Surveillance Radar Harnesses
  • Combat System Harnesses
  • Customized Test Harnesses
  • C130 / T56 Ignition Leads, QEC, and Engine Harnesses


Co-Operative Industries is the original interconnect OEM for the following engine programs:

  • F404 Ignition Leads, Engine Harnesses, and J-box
  • J79 Harnesses & Ignition Leads
  • J85 Harnesses and J-Box
  • TF34 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • TF39 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • T56 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • T58 Ignition Leads, Engine Harnesses and J-Box
  • T64 Harnesses and Ignition Leads
  • T700 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses

Commercial Programs

  • Part 145 wiring harness repairs

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace provides wire harness manufacturing and repair services to the aerospace industry. Our customer list consist of major airlines and MROs throughout the commercial aerospace world.

  • Repair Station Capabilities for CFM56-5A/B/C/-7, GE90, CF6, and other engine programs
  • Boeing Test Equipment Harnesses, Control panels, Flexible Conduits, and Fluid Transfer Products
  • CF6-80 PMC Wiring Harnesses
  • DC9 Landing Gear Harnesses
  • Bell 407 Camera System Harnesses
  • Computerized Wiring Harness Testers