Electrical wiring harnesses and cables for aerospace & defense

Aerospace Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

CIA&D produces a variety electrical wiring harnesses and cables in support of the aerospace and defense industries. Applications range from aircraft to ground support to testing interfaces.

CIA&D develops and manufactures precision electrical wire harnesses. Our extensive experience with wiring interconnect products allows us to work with our customers in developing the best possible product for the given application. We recognize the need for minimum weight, maximum reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness.

Aircraft, engine, fuselage, wing, airframe, and ground support applications include signal transmission, power distribution, QEC, communication and test wire harnesses. We specialize in wiring harness applications that stand up to hostile and extreme environments.

Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Cables

Quality &

AS9100 multi-branched electrical wiring harness fabrication and manufacturing. Our product manufacturing and inspection adheres to IPC / WHMA-A-620 standards

Wiring Harness & Cable Highlights:

  • Applications for Engine, Fuselage, Nacelle, Landing Gear, UAV, Space, Ground Support, and a host of System Wiring Harnesses
  • Repairable Designs
  • Environmentally Engineered
  • Durable, Lightweight Materials
  • Potted, Closed, or Strain-Relief Style Backshells (MIL Spec or Custom)
  • Multi-branched Open Bundle and Closed Bundle designs
  • Cylindrical connector designs as well as D-sub and micro-miniature
  • Hybrid and Customized Designs
  • In-house Over-Braiding with Metal, Nomex®, PEEK™, Kevlar®, or other protective materials
  • Ability to braid complex harnesses
  • Multicolor tracers available
  • Harness Development, Build-to-Print and PMA services are available