Wire Harness Solutions

Looking for Electrical Wiring Harness Solutions? Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) is a customer-oriented team known for delivering electrical wiring harness solutions. From our AS9100 registered facility we develop and manufacture electrical wiring harnesses, ignition leads and flexible metal conduit assemblies for the aerospace industry. In addition, our on-site certified Repair Station supports airlines [...]

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Electrical Wire Harness Construction – Part 2

Closed Bundle and Overmold Electrical Harness Configurations. This article is a continuation of our wire harness construction series. As a follow up to our previous article on Wire Harness Construction and Open Bundle Configurations (Click here to read Part 1), the following will discuss the characteristics of the closed bundle and overmolded harness designs. Closed Bundle [...]

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Expanded Laser Wire Marking Services

High Quality, Permanent Laser Identification for a Variety of Wire & Cable. Known for their value-added support services, CIA&D (Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense) has recently expanded their wire marking capabilities. Having purchased two new state of the art pieces of equipment, CIA&D has doubled previous wire marking capacity. With increased line and marking speeds, [...]

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100% On-Time Delivery

CIA&D Repair Station goes 14 months with no late harness deliveries. Congratulations to the CIA&D Repair Center for work well done! The team has gone since May 2017 with no late deliveries to date. Airlines and Maintenance Repair Operator’s rely on our quick turn-around times and on-time deliveries of wiring harnesses to keep their businesses [...]

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IPC/WHMA-A-620 Training Certification

CIA&D’s Dale Roney has received certification to train in-house personnel in the latest procedures for aerospace wire harness manufacturing and fabrication. Dale Roney, Quality Engineer for CIA&D, has successfully completed his certification as IPC Trainer for IPC/WHMA-A-620. This further enhances the commitment of Co-Operative Industries to manufacturing and inspecting wire harnesses to the industry [...]

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Electrical Cables, Wiring Looms, and Wiring Harnesses for Aircraft

Electrical cables, looms, and wiring harnesses – you hear these terms in the aircraft and aerospace industry, but what are they? What are the differences? Essentially, the only difference is in nomenclature. An electrical wiring harness, also known as a wire harness, cable harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom, is an assembly of [...]

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Following successful certification, Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense now has an onsite DMIR for our FAA/PMA products. Deborah Clark, CIA&D Quality Management System Representative, has received her Certificate of Designation from the FAA as a Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR).Having Deborah as our onsite DMIR is a cost and time saver for both the company [...]

CIA&D Achieves AS9100 Rev D Certification

CIA&D (Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense) has successfully completed their AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) and ISO 9001:2015 MS2/UPG/SS audits. The audit, performed by Intertek, certifies and registers the company’s management system to the latest AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015 standards, as applicable to the “Manufacture of Metal Hose/Conduit; PTFE Conduit Assemblies, Flexible Metal Conduit Assemblies, Electrical Wired [...]

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Wire Harness Manufacturing Team Goes Digital

In a move to improve efficiencies on the harness manufacturing floor, CIA&D has recently started using tablets in place of paper documents. Following training, each member of our production team is assigned a Microsoft Surface tablet that they will use in the manufacturing process. Via the tablets, employees will have personalized access to the PLEX [...]

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IPC J-STD Solder Certification

CIA&D Employees Receive IPC J-STD-001 Solder Specialist Certification This fall, CIA&D added four new IPC soldering specialists to the company roster. Patrick Costigan, Medra Thornton, Chris Duncan, and Dale Roney (not pictured) all attended the J-STD-001 training course held by CIA&D’s very own IPC Trainer Andrew Ehmann. The course took place over a 1 [...]

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