CIA&D Quality Assurance

CIA&D Quality Assurance Team Exemplifies Integrity Article by Jacey Allen The Quality Assurance team at Co-operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) strives for continued improvement and success. As a key supplier of electrical wiring harnesses and interconnects to the aerospace and defense industry, quality is a critical aspect of the manufacturing process. Angella Martin, the [...]

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FOD Free Friday

FOD Awareness and Prevention at CIA&D. FOD awareness and prevention is an important part of the production process at CIA&D. Our technicians regularly check for, and seek to eliminate, FOD in their work areas every single day. However, on every working Friday morning we do a “deep clean” throughout all of the manufacturing areas. This [...]

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Challenges of Growth

Meeting the Challenges of Growth Head On. This Executive Q&A is also available at the SmartBrief Leadership page Running a business is never easy, particularly in an environment of rapid expansion and industry consolidation. Successfully meeting robust demand with quality products and services means having the right strategy and creating the best possible working environment. [...]

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Increased Braiding Capabilities

CIA&D has expanded their protective braiding capabilities as part of their airframe and engine wiring harness manufacturing. As part of their airframe and engine wiring harness manufacturing, Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) has expanded their protective braiding capabilities. With the addition of new braiding units, CIA&D has increased their capacity to support their F-35 [...]

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Harness Repairs Keep Aircraft Flying

Aerospace Wiring Harness Repair Services. Meet Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D). Our Part 145 repair center specializes in electrical wiring harness overhaul and repair support for the aerospace industry. When you select CIA&D, you can depend on cost effective harness and interconnect repair services combined with responsive turn-times. CIA&D supports air carriers and MROs [...]

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A Look at the Changing MRO Market

Maintenance Overhaul and Repair Industry Outlook. By Dave Wright, VP of Business Development at Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense. The Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) industry is undergoing major changes and shifts in their business models. Driven by consolidation, internal growth, mergers, and acquisitions the industry finds itself evolving in multiple directions and on multiple [...]

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Wire Harness Solutions

Looking for Electrical Wiring Harness Solutions? Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) is a customer-oriented team known for delivering electrical wiring harness solutions. From our AS9100 registered facility we develop and manufacture electrical wiring harnesses, ignition leads and flexible metal conduit assemblies for the aerospace industry. In addition, our on-site certified Repair Station supports airlines [...]

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Electrical Wire Harness Construction – Part 2

Closed Bundle and Overmold Electrical Harness Configurations. This article is a continuation of our wire harness construction series. As a follow up to our previous article on Wire Harness Construction and Open Bundle Configurations (Click here to read Part 1), the following will discuss the characteristics of the closed bundle and overmolded harness designs. Closed Bundle [...]

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Electrical Wire Harness Construction – Part 1

Introduction to Aircraft Harness Construction and Open Bundle Configurations. Electrical wiring harnesses are an integral part of today's’ aircraft. Used for signal, power and communication interconnects, harnesses can be found on gas turbine engines, nacelles, and airframe fuselages. With modern airliners relying on fly-by-wire technologies, the harnesses connecting the aircraft’s flight components are critical. As [...]

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