Manufacturing and Engineering Highlights

Wiring Harness Capabilities & Engineering Support

Our goal at Co-Operative Industries is customer satisfaction. We are committed to meeting customer needs and producing the highest quality product.

  • Wiring harness manufacturing capabilities

Wiring harness manufacturing capabilities and support is at the core of CIA&D. We work closely with our customer, taking an ethical, team-oriented approach to every project. Our extensive experience allows us to work with you in developing the best possible product for your application. Experience combined with a client focus – this results in on-time deliveries of affordable, quality interconnect products.

This partnering approach makes us well suited for build-to-print manufacturing. Our build-to-print capability is enhanced by an engineering support team that is available to assist throughout the harness development process.  We also have a dedicated pre-production area that assures accurate design and procedures, resulting in efficient manufacturing throughput.

Our quality system is based upon the requirements of MIL-Q-9858A and certified to ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100:2016 Rev D. Manufacturing and control is assured through tightly controlled processes, documentation, and CAD/CAM.

Critical processes such as welding (TIG), brazing (conventional and induction), soldering (to J-STD-001), and IPC/WHMA-A-620 manufacturing and inspection standards are qualified and remain under strict control. MRP-II computerized manufacturing control, EDI, Just-in-time inventory management, bar coding, and Certified Supplier Status is offered as routine services.

For build-to-print customers, we offer value added engineering whereby we can assist in vetting design, material, and/or procedures.

Our modern 121,096 square foot, AS9100 registered facility offers efficiencies and improved capacity for long run, large volume harness production.  Available capacity is easily adaptable to your needs, making no project too big, too small, or too complex.

Wiring Harness Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Electrical wire harness manufacturing

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) is an AS9100 registered manufacturing facility located in Fort Worth, Texas. From our modern production site we supply electrical wiring harnesses, interconnects and flexible conduits to the aerospace and defense industry.

Engineering Support Capabilities

  • Develop to Specification
  • Build-to-Print
  • Project and Value-Added Engineering
  • Develop and Qualify PMA Designs
  • SolidWorks Systems 2007, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD 2011
  • 60 inch Color HP Plotter (1:1 Scale Engineering Drawings)
  • Project Engineering
  • Customer Oriented